Sunday, June 03, 2007

Great day for playing!

A hot summer day, some water, some dirt....well you get the picture.

always smiling!

Her new tires. After much deliberation (about 20seconds worth) we decided to get her OWN dirt to play in. Why not sand you ask? Because then we would have sand in our flower beds. :)

Little tarzan wanna-be...she is mad that she can't climb that darn tree!

Her new favorite at mommy while she tries to take a picture of you!

Cheesy girl! (don't mind the ribs, I swear she eats!)

More of the "game"

*sigh* and even more...

Wow, a picture with an actual smile in it!

Daddy asked her to smile, and this is what we got!

Did I mention the game?

When asked to frown...she responded promptly.

Dramatic, isn't she?

Washing off her muddy little bottom (from sitting IN the tires of course)

By the way, Grace is OFFICIALLY a peanut. Her 18 month checkup put her in the 95th percentile for height (33.5inches...meaning only 5% of kids her age are taller than her!) and 20th for weight (22lbs 9oz...meaning 80% of kids her age are heavier than her lol)

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