Monday, August 27, 2007

Squirming and wriggling

It is such a beautiful thing to feel a little being moving and dancing inside of you. Sprout has been quite the acrobat the last few days. I've felt him/her for a few weeks now, but this weekend s/he really showed me that everything is ok. I don't think there is any part of pregnancy more precious to me than this special bond that we get to share. I look forward to the days when I am pushing that little foot away from my ribs so I can breathe.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A sigh of relief

Today we got to meet Sprout for the second time. I'm 10 weeks now, and we just had our 2nd ultrasound. I was expecting the worst, but we saw a beautiful, perfect, squirming little baby. We feel like we can breathe again, and have something to hope for now. I'll be posting the lastest pic on the other blog in a sec!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sprout pictures!

Ok, I'm going to post some new pics here in a sec of our first Sprout ultrasound, and of my rapidly expanding belly.

Congrats to all my friends!

Three of my close online friends just found out they were pregnant in the last week. Ann, Michelle and Nicole, I look forward to spending these next few months watching our bellies grow and our babies blossom! Ann is due April 7th, Michelle is due April 11th, and Nicole is due April 17th! Michelle has been trying to get pregnant since I began way back last summer, and the other gals have been trying since the beginning of the year, so it's so sweet that we can celebrate it together!