Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Misc. pictures

Here are some random pics. Mommy has been very bad about sharing Grace with everyone.

Grace with Abby and Moose, her new puppy. Moose likes to tackle grace and eat her pigtails, which makes her either squeal with joy or spit fire. Notice his paws are almost as big as abby's. Lord help us! He pushes abby out of the way to eat her food!

Here is our snowbaby. The second picture is of the outfit G'ma Lori sent her. :D

Grace now thinks SHE is a cow. Moo grace. Moo.

Here we have the next Betty Crocker (or Rachel Ray) Just please not Julia Childs.

Come on now, isn't she the cutest thing ever?

First Birthday

Our little girl turned one on the 30th. Bittersweet. Here are pics from her party on the 25th.

Cousin Alex, 2.5 months old

her barn cake

Looking at her cake

I don't know about this stuff's kinda weird.

shopping cart g'ma and g'pa got her

daddy pushing her in the cart!

Froggy towel mama made for her.

Piano mama and daddy refurbished. She loves it!

Daddy and mama and cousins helping her with gifts.

Pin the tail on the cow, cousin ryan won!

Her birthday skirt. She loves cows, so i thought it would be fitting to make one!

First birthday and Christmas pics

Ok, here they are!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The first stocking went really really well! I sold about a hundred dollars worth of stuff, and have another order in the works! We are stocking again this Friday, hopefully I'll be as successful! Cross your fingers! :) Here is the link, my stuff is under Oakie-Dokey.

Monday, November 13, 2006

And my favorite picture of the month

Taken tonight after Bryce gave her a bath. Look at her standing there with her hands on her hips! Little miss attitude! (Can you tell she had a big dinner? Lol!)

Portraits from The Picture People!

We got these taken Nov. 10th. Also got her one year and Christmas portraits at JC Penney's done that day, but they aren't ready yet. I'll post them when they are. :)

New pictures? It can't be!

Ok, you've all been scolding me to put up some new pictures, so here they are dammit! ;)
First, Halloween!

mmmm candy!

The family and the pumpkins!

What a cute little bee! She was actually in the paper!

Now some random pictures:

Daddy and grace snoozing

Naked baby running!

Daddy and Grace reading a book. Her favorite time of day! Wow. There's a surprise. It's moo cow moo. Are there any other books in the world?

Mmmm i love my food! Look at me feed myself!

HEY! This isn't Moo Cow Moo!

Cheesy grin!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pumpkin patch!

Here are some pictures we took at the pumpkin patch Oct. 9th. She had such a good time! The pumpkins were her favorite, she kept going "ahhhh" in a sweet little voice and giving them hugs! Doesn't she look big?!