Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Misc. pictures

Here are some random pics. Mommy has been very bad about sharing Grace with everyone.

Grace with Abby and Moose, her new puppy. Moose likes to tackle grace and eat her pigtails, which makes her either squeal with joy or spit fire. Notice his paws are almost as big as abby's. Lord help us! He pushes abby out of the way to eat her food!

Here is our snowbaby. The second picture is of the outfit G'ma Lori sent her. :D

Grace now thinks SHE is a cow. Moo grace. Moo.

Here we have the next Betty Crocker (or Rachel Ray) Just please not Julia Childs.

Come on now, isn't she the cutest thing ever?

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness Jill!!! Look at that little thing in her apron!! I LOVE IT!!!