Friday, April 27, 2007

The best little Beaver there ever was... and some fun with dye!

Grace's custom diaper cover came today!


And here we have some old dingy prefolds we used when Grace was a newborn that I spruced up:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Springtime Play

Random pics from playing outside today!

*smooch* for the horsey!

haha that was funny mom!

Picking dandelions

here mom! I got you some!

Ewww this daffodil smells funny!

Monday, April 23, 2007

9 week bellybean!

Ya know, if I hadn't seen the bean twice already, I'd be wondering if there were two in there!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The bellybean!

The "bean" as we're calling it is growing like well, a bean. lol I'm almost 9 weeks pregnant now, only three weeks till the second trimester! We got to tell the family last week, and everyone was very excited! (although a couple of people were in trouble for hiding it! *ahem Blake and Grandma*)

Grace wore a shirt a friend of mine made for the occasion. We took her jacket off and waited for someone to notice it. :) Of course it was one her aunts lol.

And here is the weekly progression of the bellybean:

6.5 weeks

7.5 weeks (not much change yet)

8 weeks even (I grew that much in three days!)

Stay tuned for new pics! We'll be taking them every sunday for the whole pregnancy.

Random early spring pics

Some random pics from the last month:

Kissing her buffalo

Helping Daddy pay bills. :)

Cleaning her potty while Daddy cleaned the rest of the bathroom! (yes, we pay her minimum ice cream )

Grace is a power ranger now! At cousin Hayden's birthday party.


Lots and lots of pics!

We dyed Easter eggs Friday night. She helped by spilling the yellow dye all over Daddy. :) And a sweet Daddy hug.

The Dress Grandma made for her. She wore it to Easter Vigil.

Easter Egg Hunt! We thought she wouldn't get very much because she was in the very youngest of the age group (up to preschool) but she filled her basket! She was a madgirl lol!

A happy girl Easter morning when she saw what the Easter Bunny left her!

Hunting for eggs in the yard.