Thursday, March 30, 2006

A dress from a pillowcase? I didn't know it was possible!

But it is! I used an old, ugly pillowcase I had and made this dress , with a few alterations of course. I'd take pictures, but Bryce took the camera to work. So I'll postsoome tonight. It's a simple design, and I added elastic to the middle, and ribbon for the ties only. I think I could easily make it into a peasant style, with sleeves, as well. Speaking of cowgirls, I have some cute cowgirl fabric that I might make into a pillowcase dress for her. Now THAT would be cute.

She thinks she's a cowgirl!

The funniest thing happened this morning. She was in her exersaucer playing as usual, and I heard a loud thump. I thought she had bumped her face (she's a tad short in it!) so I turned around. Lo and behold! She was rockin it back and forth just as fast as she could! And smiling. She thought it was great that her body could make this big thing move! Maybe I'll make her a cowgirl dress to go along with one I made her last night. But that's another story.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Nap.

I put her down at 10:30. I thought she fell asleep after 2 minutes, but here it is 11:05 and I hear her talking. Will she EVER take a real nap?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring is Here!

Hooray! Today I looked out my front window, and what did I see? A few tiny white crocus and TWO daffodils! This is so exciting! Now only two more months and I can plant my 50+ seed packets. Perhaps we should actually MAKE our flower beds and garden....

No, mom, i DON'T need a nap.

We are trying a new nap schedule today. PLEASE PLEASE work. She usually takes a nap from 6-8am, i feed her, and she naps again until 9:30 or 10. Well we cut out the second nap, and so far so good. Maybe it will help her actually SLEEP in the afternoon. God knows we both need her to! Especially today, i need to make soup. : ) Wish us luck!

Well, she cried for a bit when I put her down, but soon fell asleep. She slept for a *whopping* 40 minutes. wow. i guess it's a start.

Monday, March 27, 2006

My diaper obsession

It's ridiculous, really. I'm obsessed with making diapers. I have about 30 links in my favorites that lead me to all kinds of ideas for sewing cloth dipes. Last week I made Grace 4 recycled bum sweaters (check out her website--->) 2 fitted diapers that need a cover over them, and even bought a 35lb bag of tshirts from the thrift store to make her more. I guess my reasoning is that I don't want to pay for the next size, but sheesh! Bryce thinks I'm a tad crazy, with my cut-up patterns and fabric all over our kitchen table. "But it's fun!" I tell him. 10 minutes later I am cursing and throwing things. Someday soon I will show off my little munchkin in her *perfectly* mom-made diaper. Then I can have something to brag about! Eh, maybe not. But hey, I don't do too shabby for a self-taught sewer. I'll post some pics of the "stash" sometime.

The day to day in the house of Mac.

Well I have decided that this would be a good way to share all of the mundane details of our day with our family and friends. Not that you are interested, but you never know what you may learn....So here goes.

Today our dearest child has decided that napping is for losers. She has taken a whole ten minute nap all day. When she is awake, which is always, she arches her back and screeches. Our four-month-old drama queen. Great. I've even tried to put her to sleep by doing what i never thought I would do...nursing her to sleep! Didn't work. Guess that's a good thing. She does like to stare at the computer screen, and gets this dazed look when she does. Maybe she'll go to sleep this way..
The good news is that she looks super cute in her blue dress. Maybe I'll post a pic.

mmmm hotslings!

I am in love with hotslings. I would so love to have a size 4 antique chic stretch padded. I would also love love love to win one through this website win a hotsling!