Monday, March 27, 2006

My diaper obsession

It's ridiculous, really. I'm obsessed with making diapers. I have about 30 links in my favorites that lead me to all kinds of ideas for sewing cloth dipes. Last week I made Grace 4 recycled bum sweaters (check out her website--->) 2 fitted diapers that need a cover over them, and even bought a 35lb bag of tshirts from the thrift store to make her more. I guess my reasoning is that I don't want to pay for the next size, but sheesh! Bryce thinks I'm a tad crazy, with my cut-up patterns and fabric all over our kitchen table. "But it's fun!" I tell him. 10 minutes later I am cursing and throwing things. Someday soon I will show off my little munchkin in her *perfectly* mom-made diaper. Then I can have something to brag about! Eh, maybe not. But hey, I don't do too shabby for a self-taught sewer. I'll post some pics of the "stash" sometime.

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