Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Silly girl!

Sitting in her shopping cart:

Showing off her new outfit that mama just made:

Peeking at the dogs outside...look at how light her hair is getting!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome to the Farm!

Grace with George and Ava. I used to nanny Ava before we got married, and her mom (Mo) was pregnant with George when I left. By far the most amazing family there ever was!

Mommy and Gracie dancing before bed. :)

Evil Grace! GRRRR!

Grace with mama cow, who just had a baby. Prior to baby, Grace sat on her in the field and gave her kisses!

Peekaboo! (yes, i eat dirt, and i'm proud of it. Want some?)

One of the 7 or so horses across the road. She loves them! "horse" sounds like "hriss"

This is what the horse thinks of Bryce. LOL

Oh my Gosh DAD! It LICKED me. Can you believe it?! (like her cool boots? :D)

The ADORABLE moose sleeper that a friend (regina) sent Grace. Doesn't she look mooseiful? lol

Mom, this pudding is touching my fingers. Get it off. Here you see type-A grace, who doesn't like messes.

Monday, February 05, 2007

couple of new ones

Grace and her big girl bed! Grandma Lori bought the pretty comforter and the mattress. She loves to read her books on it!

This is how she looks when Daddy takes her shed(antler) hunting. LOL