Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lots of Memorial Day Pics!

Lots of pictures from our camping trip outside of Prineville.

Checking out camp.

Possibly the grubbiest girl on the face of the earth.

Her first smore making experience!

She loves her smore!

Some more smore!

At Ochoco Reservoir:

Playing fetch with Abby and Ryan

Her first swim of the year! I think she'll like swimming this summer!

Hiking in the Mill Creek Wilderness:

There's a bug on me!

Bryce fishing on the creek.

Hiking down the trail.

EEEWWW! A fish!

Miss Shy

Misc. Pics:

Bryce and John on Hash Rock

Sleeping in Daddy's arms. Hiking is so tiring...even if you're only in a backpack.

Sleeping on Mom.

Beating Daddy with a stick was the highlight of the day!

Gotta make sure that button is still there!

Trying to figure out where we were

Panoramic of Mill Creek Wilderness

Look out for the pinecone thrower!

At an old mining camp

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