Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hello morning sickness, goodbye sanity

You know, after escaping the evilness that plagues something like 80% of women in my other pregnancies, I thought I was good as gold. The first few weeks I was tired, and moody (nothing new there! lol) but didn't feel all that bad. Then about five days ago I feel like I got hit by a truck. Sea bands are helping, but I still feel really gross. And forget trying to be an interactive mom and wife. I basically sit on the couch/chair/floor while my husband/wild-child/pet brings things to me in the hope of getting some sort of response. Poor family. It will all be over soon, and it will all be worth it!

We have our first ultrasound, to *hopefully* see the heartbeat and rule out twins next Monday, the 30th. Also have our first real appointment with our new midwife that day! She is awesome, and we are so relieved (and lucky!) that our insurance is covering our homebirth! YAY!

Our garden is doing lovely...if you call the feeling of walking into a jungle lovely. It's become, once again (sigh) an overgrown mass of produce. Way too much for us small folk to eat by ourselves. So we will begin the task of shamelessly looking for unsuspecting souls to whom we will cast our never-ending truck-fulls of garden goodness upon. (phew!) At least this year we have pigs to feed it to. Someday, I'm not sure when, we will actually be able to toss out those tiny little seedlings without feeling a deep sense of guilt. And will admit that maybe God didn't give us all these (hundreds) of little plants so that we can share our bounty with our neighbors (who don't know what they're in for...teehee)

And to leave you with a parting shot of the awesome Grand Finale at the Hood River fireworks show on the fourth...

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