Friday, September 29, 2006

Long time, no post

Here i come, up from the depths of nomommyiwon'ttakeanap and ireallyneedtosewthissiteisgoingupinamonth! lands. :)

Here's some pics from sept. We've been slacking in posing her for pics. ;)

First up:
MMMMM jam toast is yummy!

"oh no she caught me..." Yes, she found my sucker stash, and actually managed to unwrap the thing. All while sitting directly in front of her oblivious daddy.

New favorite game:
Cat tackling! She can catch the cat now, not that maggie sue runs. I think she's a masocist. She sits there and waits for G to body slam her and pull her fur out, all while purring away. If you visit soon (ahem g'ma) please don't stare at the bald spots on the cat.

YUMMY mom! Indian food is GOOD!
She has stopped the sudden growth spurt where she ate everything within reach....or so i thought. I served Indian food last night. Naan(bread), spicy curry beef, and Dahl(lentils) You can see the dahl covering her face. She ate a whole cup of the stuff. No joke. A CUP!

If she ever sees this blog, she will hate me. Truly hate me.
NEKKID BABY! I just had to get a picture of her raisin butt. She was just cruising around the living room playing and talking to herself.....naked. hehehe.

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