Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just for auntie M

It was HOT yesterday. Hovering in the mid- 90's. Well we discovered the other night that Grace startles herself awake easily, and she puts herself back to sleep by grabbing her purple blankie and snuggling. Because it's been hot, we hadn't put her on her one day, and she woke up crying. So we started stripping her down to a onsie and letting her hold that blanket. Last night it was the hottest day yet, and we had the fan on in her room, she was in a onsie, and she had her blankie. When i went to check on her before i went to bed, she was ROASTING! It was that darn blanket. She loves it so much that she is willing to be drenched with sweat! So now we need to start blowing the fan directly on her so she can sleep........with that blankie!


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